Apex-High is a gaming clan (alliance / guild / et. al.), of people who play online games and enjoy time with each other through many digital worlds.

The goals of Apex-High are:

  1. To build an inclusive space that accepts all people, regardless of their play style, from the most competitive to the super casual.
  2. To be inclusive of interests, cultures, and games within our ranks.
  3. Provide organized guides, resources, and portals for strategy, gameplay, and discussion about the games that members are heavily engaged in.

Apex-High plans to be engaged in more than one game (as no one game truly lasts forever). Currently, Apex-High is focused on the following games:

  • Raid: Shadow Legends – an RPG Strategy Game

With the following in consideration:

  • Diablo 4
  • Watcher of Realms

Apex-High is founded by Nexeus Fatale.