Clan Boss Guide: Essential Stats for Success in Raid Shadow Legends

The Demon Lord Clan Boss is a crucial aspect of Raid Shadow Legends, offering numerous rewards such as shards to summon more champions, Cruel and Immortal gear for progression, potions and books to enhance your champions, as well as gems and silver. To maximize your success in getting the best rewards, it’s vital to focus on key stats for your champions when building a team.

Stats Overview for Clan Boss

Focusing on the right stats can significantly improve your team’s performance against the Clan Boss. The three primary stats to prioritize for your champions are Speed, Accuracy, and Defense. Below is a table outlining the recommended stats for each Clan Boss difficulty:

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These are the minimum stats your champions should have for each stage of the Clan Boss.

Importance of Speed in Clan Boss Battles

Speed is a crucial stat in Raid Shadow Legends Clan Boss battles. If your champions’ speed exceeds that of the Clan Boss, they will act first. If not, the Clan Boss will attack before your champions. Ideally, you want your champions to act first or multiple times before the Clan Boss’s turn, achieving a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio. DeadwoodJedi provides a comprehensive list of 2:1 and 3:1 ratio compositions, with explanations, examples, and required speed ranges.

Key Speed Tips

  • Some champions do not need to be faster than the Clan Boss; sometimes, you may prefer them to act after the Clan Boss.
  • Utilize champions’ speed aura bonuses, speed buffs, and turn meter manipulation skills to enhance your team’s speed. This allows slower champions to still achieve a 2:1 ratio.
  • Speed tuning is essential. Ensure your champions act in the correct order to apply buffs or debuffs at the right time. Proper speed tuning is vital for successful teams.

Accuracy: Ensuring Debuffs Stick

Accuracy is critical for ensuring that the debuffs your champions cast are not resisted. By exceeding the minimum accuracy level for each Clan Boss difficulty (matching the Clan Boss’s Resistance (RES) stat), you guarantee that your debuffs will be effective. Not all champions need to meet these accuracy requirements, as some do not cast debuffs.


Defense is important for all champions. While high HP allows champions to survive longer, a higher defense stat reduces the damage they take. It’s recommended that your champions’ defense is at least at the minimum level listed for each Clan Boss difficulty.

By focusing on these essential stats—Speed, Accuracy, and Defense—you can significantly improve your performance against the Demon Lord Clan Boss in Raid Shadow Legends. Use this guide to optimize your champions and maximize your rewards.

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