Efficiently Level and Rank Your Champions With Brews

Leveling champions can be a taxing ordeal, requiring not only time but also a significant amount of energy when grinding through campaign stages and dungeons. While there are various methods to speed up the process, one of the most effective and resource-efficient ways is to utilize XP brews.

XP brews are available in one of four affinities in Raid: Shadow Legends (Magic, Spirit, Force, and Void). Applying a brew that matches a champion’s affinity grants an extra 50% XP, which is incredibly advantageous.

The strategy is to quickly elevate a champion to a specific level using affinity-matching XP brews. Once they reach that target level, you then transition to leveling them in the campaign or dungeons.

This approach is especially useful because of the diminishing returns associated with XP Brews at higher levels. As a champion’s level increases, the number of brews needed to advance to the next level also rises, making brews less efficient for high-level leveling

XP Leveling Table

The table below outlines the number of XP brews and 1 star champions needed to reach an optimal level, before you start reaching diminishing returns.

Star RankXP Brews1 Star ChampionsExpected Level
The amount of XP Brews and 1 Star champions needed to reach an optimal level

Leveling 1 Star Champions

Employing this technique eliminates the need to level up your 1-star champions through campaign or dungeons, allowing you to keep all the action within the Tavern. Just use a single affinity-matching XP Brew along with three 1-star champions to quickly boost your target champion to level 10. After that, you can sacrifice an additional 1-star champion to upgrade their rank. This method is not only straightforward and effective, but it’s also a great way to conserve energy. It allows you to rapidly level and rank up your 1-star champions with minimal effort.

How To use XP Brews

XP brews can only be used in the tavern. To use an XP brew, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Tavern: From the main screen, you’ll see an option for the Tavern, which is the place where you can level up your champions.
  2. Select a Champion: Once inside the Tavern, you’ll see a list of your champions. Tap on the champion you wish to level up.
  3. Apply Brews: After selecting the champion, you’ll see several options for leveling them up. One of those options is to use brews. These are normally at the end. You can select the type and quantity of brews you want to use.
  4. Confirm: Once you’ve selected the brews, you’ll see how much XP your champion will gain and what level they will reach. If everything looks good, confirm to apply the XP.

An important note, there is a type bonus if you use the same type of brew, with a champion that matches its affinity. For instance, using a Magic brew on an Magic affinity champion will provide a 50% XP bonus.

After Leveling Your Champions

After consulting the chart, what’s next? Simply incorporate those champions into your farming, leveling, and dungeon squads, then proceed with your usual leveling routine. The key difference is that you’re now beginning from a more advantageous position than level 1.

Optimal Times To Use This Technique

While this can be done at any time in Raid: Shadow Legends (and I often rank level 1 champions to level 2 on a daily basis to complete the tavern leveling daily quest), the best time to employ this technique is during Champion Level Tournaments, Events or during Clan vs Clan.





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